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Monday, July 11, 2005

Quick Poll!

Anybody want to go to this surely lively thing?

I think if enough of us go, we can get some national attention payed to the reality of the situation!
We need to Impeach this guy. This guy has commited more crimes than any previously impeached or assasinated President. Perhaps more crimes than all of those put together! Certiainly more than burglary, attempted murder, and falacio. This guy has invaded a foreign sovereign nation in order to pilfer the American Tax Payer and pass on those moneys to their friends!

This is major "enemy foreign or domestic" shite here folks.

Putting a certain person, not to mention all that persons business contacts lives at risk in order to be able to put a lid on the guy yelling "the emperor has no clothes." With all the developments from DowningStreet, to Iraq, and London. The guy you were getting political revenge with wreckless disregard should have not only been allowed to speak, but perhaps a microphone should have been provided this gentleman.

Instead all promises have been broken, American Tax Dollars shifted to oligarchs and domsetic policies are non-exhistent at best.

Yeah this demonstration just may be worth a day off. Bloggers Unite lets March September 24th!

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