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Friday, June 10, 2005

Krugman Still Beating down Okrent

You may or may not have noticed that recently there was a showdown on the pages of the NY Times. The Howler got lots of links for presenting it pretty well. The showdown continued on the New Public Editor's Site, Krugman getting the last word and really just placing Okrent in the hole he wished he could have found without the help of the Professor.

However, Krugman chooses not to "lead with his chin" but instead chooses to go back to that hole where he sent Okrent, grab him bny his ass pubes, pull him out, dumps him in a ginger-soy marinade, slaps him on the Weber, and rings the dinner bell. OK maybe not but he does take a neat "obfuscated" jab.

However Right From Okrent's "So-long column":

Op-Ed columnist Paul Krugman has the disturbing habit of shaping, slicing and selectively citing numbers in a fashion that pleases his acolytes but leaves him open to substantive assaults.

From Today's Krugman COlumn:
These partisans rely in part on obfuscation: shaping, slicing and selectively presenting data in an attempt to mislead. For example, it's a plain fact that the Bush tax cuts heavily favor the rich, especially those who derive most of their income from inherited wealth. Yet this year's Economic Report of the President, in a bravura demonstration of how to lie with statistics, claimed that the cuts "increased the overall progressivity of the federal tax system.

Anyone want a slice of the Okrent loin Krugman is serving up?!

UPDATE: Welcome Crapheads World O' Crappers (hat tip to glenstonecabbage in comments)!! Y'all come back now ya hear?!