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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Opposition Party

While this Atrios' post title reminds me of an Annie Lennox song, and this post has some crazy nuke talk in it, Arios is largely right. Even Cokie hit the "what the fuck do the Democrats have to offer" note this morning. And we all know how much of a news maker Cokie Roberts is!

Let me elaborate. I have been saying this for quite sometime now but it seems like it is only resonating with Cokie Roberts and Atrios. Democrats are being caricatured by the Sith lords of the right as a party "devoid of ideas." This has been happening for the entire year thus far. However, what people (including Democrats) are not realizing is that the Sith lords are being proven right every day. Everyday that goes by where the Democrats simply say "No Sir, I didn't like it!" equals a political defeat. Instead they shoul dbe toting their ideas like mad upon every single talk show and upon every single pulpit they can get their hands on. Every idea should be a centerpiece of their talking heads interviews.

Yet the party chooses the bitch and moan tactic over the tote your own ideas tactic. Far be it form me to get all consultant-like on that ass, but judging by the recent polls, perhaps a change of narrative is needed at this point.

Particularly if the Democrats want to try and pick off some seats in 2006.