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Monday, June 06, 2005


Bad News, Supreme Court Rules Against Medical Marijuana.

Good News, we get nifty quotes that will endure ad infinitum in the Library of Congress (unless Bush & Co. get Alexandria on that ass).

Like this one from Sanndra Day:
There is simply no evidence that homegrown medicinal marijuana users constitute, in the aggregate, a sizable enough class to have a discernable, let alone substantial, impact on the national illicit drug market–or otherwise to threaten the Controlled Substances Act regime.

Or this one from Justice Stevens:
One need not a degree in economics to understand why a nationwide exemption for the vast quantity of marijuana locally cultivated for persons use...may have a substantial impact on the interstate market for this extraordinarily popular substance.

Another cutie from Scalia:
Not only is it impossible to distinguish "controlled substances manufactured and distributed intrastate" from "controlled substances manufactured and distributed interstate," but it hardly makes sense to speak in such terms. Drugs like marijuana are fungible commodities. As the court explains, marijuana that is grown at home and possessed for personal use is never more than an instant from the interstate market - and this is so whether or not the possession is for medicinal use or lawful use under the laws of a particular state. Congress need not accept on faith that state law will be effective in maintaining a strict division between a lawful market for 'medical' marijuana and the more general marijuana market.
More cute SCOTUS quotes here. I also wrote on this case before.

Many including myself will view this decision as a loss for a variety of reasons, i.e. pot is not allowed as a pain killer yet, morphine (as in derived from opium) is allowed. However, when a SCOTUS decision favors protecting an illegal interstate market over the rights of patient/doctor decisions, and they document that in said decision, you have to wonder about the severity of the loss. I mean here you have a debate about wether or not Californians (and other medical marijuana users) are fucking with the illegal trade of Marijuana by growing their own pot!!! The nerve of the fuckers, screwing the whole supply and demand law of economic physics, defying the "what goes up must come down" rules that govern the everyday buying and selling of illegal substances that somehow, the Supreme Court is fucking worried about protecting as a market!?

How can this court be possibly viewed as liberal. If anything they are just fucking stupid. Either that or they are just worried about the soaring price of Marijuana, something I didn't know was taking up so much space in the Frontal Lobe of the Cerebral Cortex of the SCOTUS.