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Friday, June 03, 2005

Ah NJ Politics

As you may know, I have been spending a bit time helping Matt Stoller and others beat back a bunch of righties over at the Corzine Connection. In the process I have found a bunch of pretty good NJ bloggers. One of them found this beauty.

Bret Schundler is running in the Republican primary against some formidable foes. WHile he is likely to loose, the thought of his campaign team having fun with photoshop is just grand. What can be better than a republican stealing a Democrats picture and "fixing it up a tad."

Anyway check the link it's one of those good finds.

Another beaty of a post has to do with NJ Property Taxes. Besides pointing out excellent facts about regressivity in NJ Property taxes Sir Scott points out an even bigger issue. The Big Republican Myth: How Republicans Failed to Shrink Government by Growing it Instead. I think this is an issue all anti-republicans can get behind. I think this would make an excellent book. Ever since the Gipper said "Government is the problem not the answer" the libertarian wing of the republican party got a hard on for pushing the "smaller government" line of the party. Well more and more this myth is being dispelled.

I think its time to publish this idea.