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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kerry's Records

So the 101st fighting keyboarders are far from satisfied with Kerry's latest release of his military records. For months it seems that Kerry has been dogged by the winger division, to sign the SF- 180 in order to release the records. There is even a petition you could still sign.

So Kerry finally did it. And what is the result?! The right shall not be satisfied!!!

Even Swifty John has complained that the form may not have been filled out properly! Well here is the fuckin' form! (for some reason a warning that this is a pdf is in order).

SO, Malkin, LGF, Assrocketeers, Polipunshit, and SWIFT BOAT JOHNNY O'NEIL. Explain to me how anything but the full military records can be disclosed using this form?

I don't see any check box for "Send only the records I have requested already" or "Send everything but the damaging details" or "Don't send anything without John O'Neill's approval of wether or not my military records are complete and satisfactory."

UPDATE! Welcome O Dub Fans, and Xoverboarders!