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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chevy Chase's Europe

Goddammit if I am not gonna let an Insta-douchbag get another Revision of Instahistory notch in his belt. The right is having a hayday with Europe's failure, they are rejoicing in the socialist collapse of a constitution. This is far from the end of Europe dammit. And if this country had half a decent press (as Ted Turner would like us to) we would have a better idea as to why people voted against that constitution.

Part of the constitution is unification of laws. Some of which include some measures that certain folks do not agree with. Take the dutch. Under this constitution, they would have to stop smokin hash and close all those fun coffee shops. Now besides the principle of keeping drugs legal, liek it or not, this measure would severely affect Holland's tourism revenue, not to mention all those small business owners.

Also it was the poor in France that gave the document a thumbs down. That is because the constitution is not as progressive or poor friendly as they would like.

The reasons are simple, Jacques Chirac had a huge hand in writting it, and contrary to popular belief he is far from the socialist leaders Europeans like to have. The constitution is a 300 page behemoth, pushed forward by conservatives, discarded by liberals. It is that simple.

The hilarity in all of this is that as usual, the clueless conservatives in this country take to the constitutional corpse like a pack of wolves, denegrating the document that their counterparts in Europe helped draft. So, lefties and Europeans should rejoice, for an article of law that is ill suited for the social masses has been destroyed by those masses. This is a victory for socialist Europe and democracy. No matter how hard they try, the conservatives of this country cannot spin this into a victory for conservativism.