Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Karl Rove Anti American

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Karl Rove Anti American

In the aftermath of Dick Durbin's pummeling by the right, Karl Rove came to Manhattan and criticized Liberals about their way of going about the business of patriotisming after watching the tallest buildings this side of the Hudson crumble to the ground one faithful morning, taking 3,000 innnocent Americans with them. Rove decided to come to New York, a city that has endured the worse terrorist attack on US domestic mainland soil in its short history. The White House Deputy Chief of Staff and the President's Cheif political advisor came to the Big Apple to denigrate that cities people (a vast majority of New Yorkers are liberals) and their way of going about being Americans.

I wonder what it is about the way liberals and New Yorkers acted in the fallout of 9/11 that Karl Rove deems to be an "offer of therapy and understanding for its attackers?" Could it be how people worked night and day to find dead Americans while him and the other neocons in office immediately searched for war in Iraq? Perhaps it was the way liberals all over this country poured in boxes filled with clothes, food, water, canned goods, gas masks, boots, buckets, gloves, blood, sweat, and tears to the efforts to dig up even a fingernail to attempt to identify the dead in those towers? Maybe it was the way those firemen, police, and EMTs, whose health care benefits Karl Rove's political advice led to the trimming of, after many of them (liberals included) ran up those stairs in hopes of saving even one life, accomplishing only the heroic loss of their own?

Maybe Karl Rove is talking about the liberals who perhaps saved Karl Rove's life by bravely sacrificing their own in forcing the hijakers to crash that plane that was headed towards Rove's office in the White House.

Perhaps Karl Rove is talking about the liberals who have died in Iraq? A war that had certain policy makers advised by Karl Rove shown "moderation and constraint" perhaps 100,000 Iraqi and 1700 American lives could have been saved from "perishing in the flame and rubble" of the Iraq war. Certainly "moderation and constraint" would have at the very least dressed our troops and vehicles in the appropriate armor such that some of those lives could have been spared.

Karl Rove said that by calling American Policies of Torture Anti-American such as Dick Durbin did, and having those thoughts broadcast about the Arabian world puts "liberal motives in question." Karl, not only do the actions resulting from the American policy makers you advise, whose bombs are destroying Iraqi's daily, speak decibels louder than any words Dick Durbin could have possibly uttered. But more importantly, had the liberals and their motives been taken into question rather than dismissed with comments such as these, perhaps the person who caused those towers to come crashing down would have been caught. You know, Osama bin Laden, whom you conservatives forgot about when it came time to drum up $300 billion dollars for your war profiteering buddies (despite that catchy "have you forgotten" song).