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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Simple Yet Troubling Thought

Why is it that when Insurgent's kill innocent civilian Iraqi's, it gets documented in the press. However, when the same innocent civilian Iraqi's die at the hands of US soldiers, nothing. You have to wait until a report from the Lancet journal.

This is some crazy twisted media world we are living in. Before I get shipped to Gitmo for potentially sounding anti-troop let me just say, I feel sorry for the troops. I don't support them I pity them. They get sent away to these frickin godforsaken money pit wars while all the while being brainwashed during training that they are going over to serve their country and keep us all free.

There are few who wake up from this twisted world the drill seargants inject into their pshyches, but a majority continue to live in that world. Mostly out of necessity I supposed, otherwise how else would you be able to kill another human being if you aren't already wired to do that.

But the rest of us don't need this brainwashing. As a matter of fact, we need to be immunized from it. The vehicle of said immunization should be the goddamned free fucking press. One of the major reasons this war is completely been removed from the true hearts and minds of most every American (save those unfortunate 1,600 families) is because it has been laundered by the Maytag Media so that the attrocities that occur as a result of any war become palatable for the uncritical consumer of news.

We only get the figures that count. How many American's die. How many insurgents die (cuz they are the bad guys). However, until the violence in Iraq turned sectarian (a word that needs disection for comprehension, kind of like redeployed) we never heard of innocent Iraqi deaths. Then Lancet popped out their study midway through the campaign and folks here completely dismissed it or missed it completely.

Now the bad guys are killing their own, and finally the media somehow gets the numbers of how many die.

Perhaps if this countries media from Katie Curic to Rush Limbaugh were all shipped over there to be imbedded with the troops and get some bullets whizzing by their heads they would be able to give this country a truly honest viewpoint of war and its accompanying attrocities. How can future generations think that war is anything but a costly, "good for the economy", process of forcing changes where you would like things changed. This notion that Iraqi's only matter when insurgent's kill them is frankly bullshit.

So big Media folks, if any of you happen to pass by this crazy shitbag of a blog I call MIT, here is a suggestion:

Just like when you print the news of an American and follow it with the total thus far of Americans killed, do the same to the news of Iraqi deaths. You would be doing the country a much better service if after sentences like these:
In two of the worst incidents reported Saturday, three suicide bombers tried to blast into a base shared by American and Iraqi troops at Sinjar, 40 miles from the northwestern border with Syria, killing at least one Iraqi border policeman and wounding at least 18 others, including 15 civilians.

You would print sentences like these:

The total death toll in Iraq thus far exceeds 100,000, with insurgents claiming roughly 2,000 lives, and US Forces missiles and bombs killing the rest. Start being the scorekeepers of the war dammit, isn't that what you get paid for?

If anything, the future generations who may possibly be watching and listening will save themselves the same horrible possibility of being led to war on false pretenses. At the very least they will learn that war is bad, ugly, and lots of people die including innocent civilians who have nothing to do with any of the political ramifications of wars.

Because currently, the media is doing such a fine job of keeping score, that depending on what you read, you get completely different numbers of innocent civilians killed in Iraq.