Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Soldiers of the War on Drugs Caught Smuggling Drugs, Guns!

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Soldiers of the War on Drugs Caught Smuggling Drugs, Guns!

This is not an Onion piece. Although if it ran with that headline and this article and this article, perhaps it would make almost a perfectly sutied onion story.

First a month ago the 800 US troops in the completely sovereign nation of Columbia get caught smuggling drugs, then they get caught smuggling arms:
Colombia has arrested two US soldiers on suspicion of trafficking weapons to right-wing paramilitary groups.
Paramilitaries are accused of drug trafficking and mass killings during Colombia's 40-year civil conflict.

Officials said the US soldiers were arrested on Tuesday along with several Colombians in an operation south-west of the capital, Bogota.

Hundreds of American soldiers are in Colombia to help the Bogota government in their operation against drugs.

In March five US troops were arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine to America in a military aircraft.

They are now back on US soil, and it is thought that several are still under investigation.

The US embassy in Bogota said it was trying to establish exactly what had happened in the latest incident.

One unconfirmed report said more than 30,000 missiles had been seized in Tuesday's raid.

Since 2000, the US has been funding an aid package known as Plan Colombia, under which Colombian forces receive training, equipment and intelligence to root out drug traffickers and eliminate coca crops.

Colombia is the third biggest recipient of US military aid, after Israel and Egypt.

This wasn't just like an 8 ball these soldiers were carrying around while on leave. This was 16 kilos of pure cocaine that they were smuggling IN A US MILITARY AIRCRAFT. The arms? They were 30,000 missiles they were transporting!

So the British media first find actual documentation that Bush and Blair lied about Iraq, then they uncover this story involving US troops, drugs, guns along with the words smuggling, scandal, and arrested. I remember a time when the words like those and these Columbia, cocaine, and anything that involved US soldiers raised a bunch of eyebrows in the press corps of our fair country. But I guess the Liberal Media has its hands full with runaway brides, so it cannot possibly report on things like drug smuggling, arms dealing, playing Mailbox baseball with Iraqi heads, or any other attrocity our troops are up to. Uh Oh! I think I have just made myself an official treasonist! Goin' to the Gitmo, gonna get me lots a' whippins!