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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

You and I Tee Why, NJ politics!

Great fun in NJ politics. I love it when GOPers attack each other instead of just Democrats. So this is a neat little take the NJ Dems have gone for here. For the record, I think Senator Corzine is gonna be tough to beat, his stances on lots of issues are right in line with everything I thought he was NOT. When he first appeared on the scene I thought, business man buys his way into Congress and calls himself a Democrat? But honestly, he has been right on the money on every single issue so far this year and most of his career. he is one of the few who is trying to get some action taken on Darfur, even though Bushy is trying to stop him. Progressive Punch gives him pretty good marks, way better than most Democrats anyway. No matter what the nutty GOPers try, I am sure they will have a hard time convincing people that Corzine is a bad guy, unless they find him with a gay hooker in a Camden crack house.

SO prediction. Corzine landslide. Besides, he has a blog.

So in summary, two thumbs up on the NJ dems for animating the GOPers, though (as I note in the title) I would have chosen a different song. (extra points for anyone who gueses it right in comments).