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Friday, April 29, 2005

Pozen a Question: Welfare?

I was an irresponsible blogger and didn't watch the Bush show last night. For that I appologize, instead I was drinking and dancing with my lady friend's law school communists (it was great). However, I heard the synopsis on NPR and I read that Bush basically wants to cut mine and your benefits (cuz most of us are in the middle class and I assume those reading this have internet access and everybody knows that only the middle class and above can afford internet access) and turn Social Security into thePozen Welfare system. YEAY! Just think of the juicy bits of goodness this will bring to bloggers on the left. Just think of how Media Matters will have millions of posts domonstrating the enormous quantities of flip flops the Bush appologists will have to be saying to defend this idea. REPUBLICANS ARE ABOUT TO SUPPORT A WELFARE PLAN. How the fuck is this supposed to play off the lips of people in Congress? This potentially could be the biggest assbaggery yet. This is one welfare plan the dems better not support (not that they shouldn't support welfare, this plan is useless and unneccessary for the many reasons I have stated before). Just think of all those wingers and freepers going ass to balls to the wall over backing a WELFARE system. WELFARE WELFARE WELFARE. The mother of all flip flops that ever a Republican spoke.

So if there are any libertarians left in the Republican party after the Terri Schiavo case, The Patriot Act, and everything else this crazy bastard president has done to GROW GOVERNMENT. How can you possibly defend a WELFARE system? I hate to say it but Pat Buchannan better not get on the McLaughlin group this sunday and support this stuff. Even he is tied up in knots.

So folks, congratulations, Bush has turned the Republican party into a WELFARE supporting government.

Let the media watch begin! Just think of the hits you will get in Lexis Nexis by typing in Limbaugh or Hannity, or Novak, or Conservative X, and welfare. Then just start tivoing or taping or watching for them supporting the President's plan. Where was super polster Luntz on this one?

Anyway, light posting today due to having to surgically remove myself from the computer in order to read crapsky stuff for work.