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Monday, May 02, 2005

"Say Hello To My Little Frien..."

Typically, my response to "what did you do this weekend?" is something along the lines of "not much." Mostly because the people who usually ask me that question don't deserve an honest response from me, let alone the laundry list of actions I take part in over a 48 hour period that is not occupied by me physically sitting in a file room with 10 other people trying to get some semblance of work done....  Posted by Hello

In any case, today, nobody asked me "what I did this weekend?" Their loss, for I shall not volunteer this information to the coworkers who failed to inquire upon my personal life.

This of course has no bearing on wether or not I would post this picture anyway, so to the loyal MIT readers I submit the latest addition to the family.

Seargeant Pepper! The wonder beagle who has begun his stay at my undisclosed location somewhere in quasi-urban New Jersey, by pissing on the floor only 10 times since Saturday afternoon when he first entered the door. However, I shall not condemn this beagle for his urinary or beagle-like actions (he has already had 3 owners each not knowing what beagles or dogs do). Instead I have embraced him wholeheartedly and look forward to the next decade and a half of walking, snooping, and finding dead things along the way.

It was a long time searching for the right beagle, and I guess we wound up with the one who looked the cutest, acted the beaglest, but seemingly had the smallest quantity of urinary continence.

However, I shant be dismayed. His cute ways and face superceed his inability to control his bladder. The beagle book I have found diagnoses this problem as temporary and common to a dog who changes households. So, Sgt. Pepper. Take heed, worry not, and lead on, little doggy. The lady and I will be happily tethered to you with plastic bag in hand, for the next 15 years.

The longer the better.

(no animals were injured in the publishing of this post)

UPDATE: Forgot to link this to politics. Support Animal Shelters Dammit. There are tons of animals waiting to be euthanized (that's uhm... liberated in Bushspeak). The animals are typically stupidly cheap in comparison to pet stores, and look at this guy, he didn't come with papers but he sure does look like a pedigree beagle. The shelter I got this guy from was literally wall to wall cages of cats, and tons of dogs. If you are looking for a furry creature to spend extra time with, skip the pet store and check PetFinder first. It is easier than ever to save an animal from the fiery pits of hell, and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process. It is a win win situation. For the record, the Sarge here cost $75, he came neutered, and dewormed and up to date on his shots. Petsmart made more money off of Sgt. Pepper, than did the Elmsford Shelter.