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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just to clear the air a bit

I realize I haven't been very active on this blog for some time and I suppose I should appologize. I have been working a bit harder than usual. However, as a result I still find that there is lots of baloney running around out there. Particularly about these judges there was this compromise over. Independent Judiciary has profiles and the reasons why Democrats oppose the judges they are opposing. So go over there and read up about the judges. This is so your Fox watching friends don't send you emails like, I can't belive the Dems are knocking a judge for one little thing they said or did. These people have long careers of shit they said and did to fuck with basic Democratic values. Prescilla Owen, congratulations. you are now one of 12 republican appointed judges on the 5th circuit court. Not a major loss for our judiciary beacause that court is already sullied with shit judges that are pro-business. Just a cursory glance at the recent appeals brought before the Supreme Court allows one to see that the 5th circuit gets knocked over most of the time.

However, the compromise of compromises (already being deemed as the rebirth of moderatism) has done an enormous injustice to the DC Circuit. The second highest court in the land will now recieve Justice Brown. One who thinks the New Deal was a socialist revolution.

This should help those privatizers of social security push forward their myopic economic packages.

However, and more importantly, if these two (and let's not forget Justice Pryor) get appointed to the bench, then what defines an extraordinary judge? For if a filibuster can now only be counted on for extraordinary circumstances, with these folks setting the bar, I fear we will need someone of the caliber of that deffacating judge from Pink Floyd's The Wall to evoke a filibuster.

Whatever the Institution of the Senate won by saving the filibuster, the Democrats lost by allowing such benchmark judges to come to pass.

I am sure the Republicans who signed this agreement will not consider an appointment to the Supreme Court as an extraordinary circumstance.

Centrists.... I Hearby Sentence you to be Exposed before your PIERS!!!