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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


And silent sighs. That is what my History professor said life was full of back when i was in college.

So we have a deal that a couple of Senators, should they stick to it, agree to let three bad judges go on to their appointed courts. Whereas 2 others get a "no commitment" non-nod. The centrists have stepped in and ruled the day!! Yippee skippy! YEAY FOR MODERATISM!

Whatever. Now its all about spin and I have already gotten like 35 emails and read another 6789 blog posts saying the compromise was good for Democrats.

I don't know I am not really keeping score of what courts are liberal and what courts aren't etc. O dub put it ok in his comments (just not on his main post). Overall, supposedly the Dems maintain the right to filibuster a Supreme Court judge. The filibuster is preserved, which would allow them to oppose more judges.

However, the losses include that Janice Brown will be on the DC Circuit court. The second highest court in the land. The last filter to the Supreme Court. NOW profiled her this past week. She doesn't seem to have a non-extremist world view. If she was a lefty I wouldn't want her on that court either. Trust I. The Judiciary should be independent. They should not have ultra-anything viewpoints. They need to look at the law and interpret it as it applies to a case. There should be no nuts be them on the right or left on these high courts. However, we now have a nut.

The republicans get 3 out of 5 which means they get more judges than we hoped for.

In either case perhaps the compromise was a good thing. Only time will tell. For if you thought the margins of the political spectrum fought this one out pretty crazily, just wait until the big CJ steps down.

I am sure the nukyalar option will be much more of an option then. Cuz they didn't mention any of that stuff in the compromise. For when they said that nominees should only be filibustered in extreme cirumstances they failed to define what extreme was. Even though this is a short and sweet document, since it has come out of the United States Senate, it is not without loopholes.

Loopholes I am sure the Republicans will wind up exploiting for a coveted Supreme Court seat.