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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Chucky, There are Trees in that there Forest

Someone out there needs to give Chuck Grassley a bit of a clue. Here he is sayin things like:
"Doing nothing is not an option, because doing nothing is a cut in benefits," the senator declared. "Grandpa Grassley gets Social Security, but my granddaughter, when she retires 56 years from now, if we do nothing, is going to get this cut that you're talking about. You can rationalize it all you want to, but by golly, she's entitled to what I got, because her dad and younger people are paying for it."

He is right! Doing nothing for the next 50 years will not solve Social Security 50 years down the line. Not changing Iraq policy, not changing tax policy, somehow magically controlling inflation so it doesn't change, doing nothing in terms of growing jobs. If we could freeze time, peoples wages, tax policy, and somehow miraculously freeze Health Care costs, Social Security would be insolvent in 50 years, and tha twould be bad for granddaughter Grassley. However, simple things like repealing the tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans could really save social security. A simple maneuver that, given Iowa's financial situation, would hardly affect the majority of Chucky's constituents, not to mention paying granddaughter Grassley's Social Security check in full.

Perhaps Senator Grassley should focus on making the country's finances solvent, before tackling the daunting task of predicting the what lies 50 years into the future.