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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Sphere... She is Round!

It is about that time when we go from not much a happenin except Popes a' dyin' to HOLY CRAPSKY's. So as is typically the case when there is lots of cute news that don't merit a post all on their own, here is another installment of "The Sphere... She is Round."

I think I will have to cancel my plans for spending my entire 401k account on getting my lady's law school friends drunk, the President will be on TV! Since his harder-to-get-into-than-a-vested-virgin-during-lent 60 cities in 60 days tour was an utter failure, Bush will address the nation during PRIME TIME. Words to keep count of:

Bankrupt, broke, and you can be rich too!

In case you somehow become convinced that the President is right after the speech, go here for anti-propaganda.

Speaking of using the media to boost your ratings, Air America (whose ratings according to right wingnuts have been tanking) will finally get some press. Looks like Randi Rhodes took a page from Howard Stern, by using controversy to get press. So what if she thinks it funny to do some audio editing with Bush and gun shots. He is the war president right?! What's fair is fair right?

While the secret service is busy investigating Rhandi Rhodes, it seems the war on terror is failing.

Turns out the argument the government issued lawyers used to try and incriminate Arthur Anderson's shady clean up the office day (read: destroy thousands of Enron Related Documents) back in the Enron days is a crappy legal arguement. I find it hard to believe that the government's lawyers are sub-par when it comes to arguing legal cases that seem to be easily won.

Watch NOW (and most everything else that's on PBS, except Washington Week, its a terrible show that reminds me of something cable news would air). TIVO it, record it, I know it is on Friday nights, when most of us are busy being irresponsible by using alcohol or other illicit substances to escape from reality, but NOW is MUST SEE TV. This last week global warming and how the industry bastards causing it use their money, and might to cast doubt on the public, as well as Sen. James Inhofe fiction-based hoax.

The President issues a veto threat on a highway bill that could potentially reduce traffic, and thus reduce gas usage, then turns around and pushes an energy policy that says we need more refineries to refine the oil that we are importing to somehow magically reduce the oil we import. He says the highway bill is too expensive for our economy.


Today is bring your kids to work day! Which has to put a dent on American Productivity. Prediction, April's productivity number should be lower because of it. Besides that, how cool would it be to bring your kid into a meeting that turns into one of those passive aggressive power struggle shouting matches.

Atrios has been above his average superbness lately. He should be read daily by anybody who reads this poor excuse of a blog. Now I think these big blogger get enough readership, however, many times I would like to write about something, these guys who devote what seems to be their entire lives to this blogging stuff typically get to the idea first.

Whereas Instapundit gets worse daily. He thinks that by mentioning something (like democratization) in passing equals repeating something ad nauseum when discussing justification for war. He also thinks that anyone who does agree with him is a history revisionist. Psst Instapundit, here is the Instatruth. It is one thing to say eventually (after we bomb the shit out of it) we would like to see Democracy in Iraq. It is something entirely different to say things to the American public like "nuclear cloud", "Weapons of Mass Destruction", Imminent threat", and my favorite 'smoking gun." So who is the history revisionist now?

Though it seems like an overreaction post, Juan Cole, typically THE BLOG for all things Iraq, wrote a nice post about blogdom.

And finally, the most alarming thing in the news that won't sound off alarms (even though Chris Mathews should) is that the guy who is wanted in Jordan for massive extortion, played a pivotal role in pushing the US public opinion via Judy Miller of the NYT, gets appointed deputy Prime Minister of Iraq. Ahmed Chalabi congratulations!