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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Power of the Purse

"We set up the courts. We can unset the courts. We have the power of the purse," DeLay said at an April 13 question-and-answer session with reporters.

Power of the Purse.

Ironic. Just days later Tom Delay's energy bill passes the House. A bill he kept clear of measures like, bringing back the fuel efficiency of the 80's. Lessons learned from oil shortages in the 70's. Pesky things that were addressed in that time, however, only half-heartedly. They didn't go all the way back then and they aren't going to go all the way this time. If Reagan would have just gone the extra mile and pushed a serious goal of conservation and renewable energy investment, 9/11 could possibly have been avoided. WHOA! Speculation Silver! Most people on both sides of the spectrum will agree that dependence on middle east oil is a terrible burden on our national security. In fact that is part of the justification for another measure Tom Delay pushed into his bill. The Artic National Wildlife Refuge unique, one of a kind, pristine, will be open to tapping that earth for some more of the heroin this country seems to go into raging fits over, vomiting lies, sending entire batalions into other countries to satisfy the fix. Albeit a measly 6-20 month supply.

Power of the Purse.

Instead of a justified measure to reduce our dependence on middle east oil like forcing car makers to return to the gas miles of the 80's, big oil gets $22 billion to help them find more wildlife to disturb with their probosci.

Power of the Purse.

Terrorist funders are gloating at the actions of the Republicans. All the while donating to their jihadist brethren (probably tax deductible). The energy bill as written is more of a threat to national security than anything DHS can possibly handle.

Not to mention it does nothing to stimulate the economy or bring down gas prices, and plenty of people can think of plenty of other places that could use $22 billion that would get much better results than the "trial and error" dirt pokers.

Power of the Purse.

So why is it that instead of raising fuel efficiency which kills environmental and national security birds with one stone we turn the power of the purse onto judges?

Why is it that instead of drilling a one-of-a-kind pristine "The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become" (genesis 6:5) piece of land, we turn the power of the purse over to the corporations who speculate on how much oil they can potentially find.

Why is it that while using one tongue to convince of us a funding problem in Social Security, they use the other tongue to vote yeay on a $22 billion dollar transfer of public funds to private corporations whose profits have tripled in recent times?

Why is it that Republicans could have possibly won the last election on National Security? Why is it that they are able to push bankruptcy by stating we need to take responsibility for our actions when they keep rewarding those who fuck up the most? When did a reward of $10 million for Osama Bin Laden dead or alive turn into we will sell you war planes so you can terrorize your neighbor to reward you for NOT FINDING THE GUY WE ARE PAYING YOU TO FIND?

Accountability? In case the class action lawsuit reform law that was passed wasn't enough protection for big oil, Delay and friends hands them a get out of lawsuits free card. Aimed at protecting the energy corporations from being accountable for polluting our water with MTBE.

These zealots are obviously using the Power of the Purse in the most perverse way possible. By turning their economic axes on the courts, how the fuck do they propose we use the "rule of law" stuff to incarcerate the terrorists they are supposed to be keeping us Safe from.

Power of the Purse? Where was that when they blew the economy to the moon?

How many more reasons do you need to usurp these people of that very power?

That power of the purse.