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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Capital GONG!

I love it when the right can give you a perfect example of their double standards within the same hour of talk show tv.

Take this weeks Capital Gang. Let us concentrate on Bob Novak on Voinevich's "squishy not maverick" (as Malkin puts it) display of pausing the Bolton Nomination hearing:
NOVAK: I think [Republicans' chances of getting Bolton through] really probably less than half right now because they -- the White House is going to have to turn around two or possibly three Republican senators to get him out of committee, and they've done such a terrible job. Not to even know that John Voinovich was...

HUNT: George.

NOVAK: ... George Voinovich was in some trouble is ridiculous. Senator Voinovich is a great example of the senatorial style. He doesn't go to any of the hearings. He admits he doesn't go to any hearings. He just wanders into this last thing, and he says, Gee, from what I heard, I've changed my mind. What he heard was demagoguery. It was the slander by Chris Dodd against -- against Bolton. Anybody who is anti-Castro gets that business from Chris Dodd, who is the greatest apologist...

Forget the senior moment of Novak missing Voinovich's first name. I love the way he is less than loving about the Senator from Ohio's "senatorial style." It is of course in no way near the venom he spits at Chris Dodd, but that is besides the point. The fact that Voinevich is taking some heat from the right is the main point here.

Let's not forget Novak's recent column on the subject, in which he states:
Republicans, weak and disorganized, were ground down by the Democratic juggernaut. Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio was so impressed by Democratic demagoguery that he impulsively dropped his support of Bolton, ending the narrow 10-8 committee tally for sending the nomination to the Senate floor. But since Voinovich is notoriously quirky and prone to break his Republican leash, the question arises why the White House was not more attuned to making sure he was safely on board.

Presidential aides have met with Voinovich since he jumped overboard, beginning the difficult task of reeling him in -- as well as Senators Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Republicans who followed Voinovich away from Bolton. Even if the committee majority somehow is restored, Chairman Richard Lugar will have to defeat efforts by Democrats to bring in Bolton for an auto-da-fe.

The appologists are going batty at this stage. They see some of their own defecting and they hate it. Here in lies the double standard, after watching for another puke inducing half hour (every time Kate O'Bierne opens her mouth it triggers my lybic system to violently regurgitate, an urge that requires almost full energy reserves to overcome) we make it to my favorite part of the Capital Gang, Outrage of the Week. This segment is when the elite gang tries to say somethign in 20 words or less, most of the time they say nothing, but sometimes they say something, hardly ever is there anything learned from this segment. But appologies abound, quick fast paced, CNN style. Why this segment isn't cut to Rage of the Week and accompanied by nifty graphics and an ESPN crowd cheering "Rage Of ... THE WEEK!" is beyond me.

Digressing... Novak cutely chooses to out MoveOn.Org on their recent move to out House Dem Whip Hoyer for voting Yeay on the Bankruptcy Bill a.k.a. Everybody but Millionaires Pay their Debts Bill (or EMPT D bill).
NOVAK: The leftist has another batch of nasty radio ads attacking 10 Republicans, as usual, and not as usual one respected Democrat, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland. He joins 72 other House Democrats voting for a bankruptcy reform that requires everybody to pay his bills. attacked Congressman Hoyer as a tool of the bankers. It was fun for Democrats taking Moveon's money supplied by leftist billionaire George Soros when it savaged Republicans, not so much fun when the poison is turned on a Democrat.

So, while it is OK for prominent conservatives to out their own Republicans in print, online, and on TV. It is not OK for liberal groups to do the same to their leaders. What's worse by doing so, organizations liek MoveOn are leftist, marxist, terrorist, browshirt, godless, Castro appologist demons for doing it, whereas conservatives are just "trying to keep the party in line".