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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No deal!

Just released yesterday this WaPoll has great numbers (for those of us in the opposition camp anyway). Many key figures are trending towards poopy for Bush&Co. This is nothing to really worry about if I were a Repugnican. I mean Karl Rove is in charge, and I am sure he can come up with something, like rainsing the terror alert or sending up another Osama Tape. Something like that to get the numbers a bit more favorable.

Noteable are that Social Security is tanking, ever the more harder, the people's view of the economy is also a-tankin', as well as other great thigns like how we are doing in Iraq. In any case perhaps the most noteable, and probably the one that Harry Reid missed is this one (mainly for the purposes of this post, since there are so many positive things in this poll for Democrats and Liberals alike):
36. would you support or oppose changing Senate rules to make it easier to allow Republicans to confirm Bush's judicial nominee's:
Support: 26

Oppose: 66

No Opinion: 10

Yet, Harry Reid (and others) are talking about making a deal with Bill Frist. In order to avoid the Republicans from going Nukyalar on that Senate ass.

Deal?! Yo Harry, Reid the polls (pun completely intended). 66% thats a pretty good frekin' start to taking the Repugnicans up on their threats. 66% of the country is going to be on your side if you let the bastards press the big red shiny button. That means in 2006 you can blow those bastards out of the Senate and take control of a now fillibuster free Senate.

Democrats, take heed, while lots of polls are wishy washy, 66% is a 2/3 majority. By cutting a deal with these notorious deal breaking Republicans (remember Medicare, and No Child Left Behind?) you would be going against the 2/3 majority of America. In essence the Democrats are filibustering the public AND themselves on this one!