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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Sphere... She is Pissed!

Well, if you want to get a bunch of bloggers pissed, all you have to do is repeatedly invite poor examples of bloggers, to be panel members on panels that are going to be discussing blogging and journalism. The National Press Club has suceeded, in inviting Jeff Gannon (remember him) as a blogger (meaning he represents bloggers) on this panel they are going to have. Granted they have started to invite a few, better examples of bloggers (such as Matt Y) since they first announced the panel discussion. However, The Agonist has a list up as well as a letter that includes some phone numbers you might want to call and give them your 2 cents.

At the very least, should you gather the moxy to call the NPC, you should ask this intelligent question:

Why is James Guckert listed on your announcement by his pseudonym Jeff Gannon, whereas Wonkette is listed as Ana Marie Cox? Without even an A.K.A?

The next thing you should do is answer the question "Who is a Journalist?" to the person on the other line. Perhaps by telling them, something along the lines of... Someone who transmits information about someone else (like their real name) in an open and honest fasion (at the very least with an A.K.A.).