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Saturday, February 26, 2005

USA Next Smack Down

Ok folks, apparently there is a new campaign on the left and on the right. A bit of a battle royale (with cheese). USA Next is Richard Viguerie's conservative fund raising group that has apparently gotten into trouble in the past, but apparently not enough trouble. He has basically raised millions by scaring people with junk mail into sending him money so he and his group could save social security. He has been at it for some time and is now peddling a book.
He is also a bit famous for selling mailing lists to anyone who wants to buy them.
So the group has put that ad up as a first salvo against AARP.

Fast forward. has basically done some background research on USA Next which is basically stuff that is in the public record but since people have short memories, they have rehashed it in hopes the blogosphere will find links to more people in the White House and High Officials.

Read the report. It should come out in the media this week (according to them monday).

So before I get going on my research I said, it is about time I signed up for more junk email and went to the USA Next website.
This is a pop-up that comes up at you when you first visit the USA Next website. Interestingly enough it says:
Our list is 100% confidential. You can unsubscribe at any time.

I certainly hope they don't sell my email to anybody, but we shall see how much more Republican Junk I get. I will give myself a month before signing up for the RNC website (my next double spy mission).

In any case, anyone who is bored can read the intelligence report and try to find as much dirt as possible on the USA next peeps. Specifically links to administration folk. That would be nice.