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Friday, February 11, 2005

Around the Sphere

Bush approval rating drops again.

That didn't last long!

Dropped down from 54 to 45% approval. Up from 51%, 58% of Americains think we are on the wrong track.

It turns out that poll I cited last week may have been just for people who watched the SOTU. I thought that would happen that the poll they would come out with would be only representative of the people who watched the address. I mean he killed during the SOTU. Anyone who isnt into politics would be lovin the guy right there.

But today the approval has done a 180.

The election was only 4 months ago, how is this guy elected again?

Maybe its the fake news.

For those of you who aren't paying attention Jeff Gannon (aka J D Guckert, aka Gigolo) has been taken down by the Blogosphere.

Jeff is the worse representative of the propagandagate, or propagate, or shillgate. He was a fake reporter for a fake news service, who somehow got press credentials and was allowed to be a regular member of the White House Press Corps. The vetting process for this is pretty tough, kinda like the vetting process for say Department of Homeland Security chief.

Either way he would blatantly toe the republican agenda and ask scott mclellan softball questions. Scotty would constantly go to him as the lifesaver.

He has been declared a White House operative phoney.

Now witht he Easongate and the Gannongate going on at the same time, I started thinking, is the media liberal? I mean Gannongate is getting much more coverage than Easongate.

Luckily Kos puts it in perspective for us all.

By the way it was little bloggers like me on Daily Kos who took that guy down. Anyway there is already a petition to prosecute anything and anyone associated with Gigolo.

Hotel Rwanda if you haven't seen it, go see it. Then wonder why the hell we are so damned worried about Bush. Then do something to help Rwanda, and Sudan, because the UN is shaming itself (as it did with Rwanda) by not committing to the term genocide when Colon Powell already has. Some things never change.

In hoping for great election results in Iraq I found this nifty webpage but the turnout numbers are not yet in. I would check back frequently if I were a journalist.

Though there was a Afghanistan LIVE election results page, I wonder why we don't have one for Iraq.

Condi Lied. Now there is proof (though i would be wary of memos that are leaked to the press, Rathergate started that way). If Richard Clarke could actually confirm this memo I think this is all we would need right?

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