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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Petitions Petitions

Ok folks here are a few quick things you may consider signing today for the sake of Democracy

Darfur is in a shittier situation than any war the US has been involved in since the big WWII war. As such I extremely urge all of you MIT heads (the whole 6 of you regulars) to get on this site and fill out the form to get some mail delivered to a whole lot of people including Condi, Bush, UN ambassadors and your Senators and Representatives. Darfur is loosing 10,000 people a month to genocide and action needs to be taken. This is about the 4th or 5th occurence of genocide in the last couple of decades that I can remember and so far the world is pretty much turning a blind eye to this. I think this should be priority number one to the Moral Values White House and Congress.

SO especially for you people in the red states who pass by please sign this petition.

MoveOn has noticed that a bunch of Senators (including Hillary and mine YEAH Lautenberg) have come up with some legislation that will try and fix a couple of the issues that are going on with the damaged electoral system. So far there are realy good ideas on the table including how to address long ass lines (adding more machines), making registration easier, making it a felony to intimidate voters (not that this will stop the practice but at lest if your caught you can go to jail), and a slew of other things. There was a good editorial in the NYTimes on Tuesday, read it here.

Otherwise sign the petition here.

Finally, Democracy For America is putting up this petition because USAnext put up THIS picture:

as the beginning of a smear campaign against AARP. AARP has come out against the President's Social Security proposal (or whatever you call vague ideas wrapped around a conundrum of thoughts which come together in the enigmatic town hall meetings that are filled with mysterious people who all love Bush). USAnext is a conservative PAC which was started by Richard Vaguerie (who was on the daily show recently) and is pro-privatization.

UPDATE: Maureen Dowd has a nice column about this today.

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