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Monday, February 21, 2005


This weekends edition of the The New York Times Magazine has a great piece on Inteligent Designism. Unfortunately the online version does not contain the graphic that is in the print version which cites this poll and reminds us that a majority of Americans believe that humans were created by God in their current form.

This is a stupid idea war. And perhaps us northeastern elitist liberals are numb to the beliefs of those that will follow this baloney. It is an article of faith to believe that God did anything. God's word should be taught in Church not in the Public Schools. PERIOD. The problem we have is that this transduces to the Public School System. It gains momentum when science defying high priests preach that the scientists are nothing but satanic blasphemous, heathons whose lifes work is to demolish any bliefs put forth in the Bible.

Unfortunately, NO! This is not a crusade against God and his "word", instead a Sicentist's mission in life is to UNDERSTAND "God's mysteries."

Unless we fail to promote ideas that are sound and fact-based, we shall fail as a society. If it weren't for science and the will of man, perhaps we could all be treating arthritis by opening peoples veins and bleeding them of their bad spirits. (However, Vioxx doesn't seem to be a step in the right direction either).

The latest idea from those trying to push a Creationist agenda in Public Schools, is this Intelligent Design. Saying, God put the firsts of all species on the earth, and let Evolution take it from there.

Well there are plenty of things I can think of that would bring this whole theory crumbling to its knees, HAH, nay I will not even spend time on it.

For those of you who are too dumb to come up with your own idea, read Jim Holt's piece.

Perhaps that will help enlighten you.