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Monday, February 21, 2005

Fear and Loathing ... The Sphere is Round

Before going any further we learn a gun shot that some describe as self-inflicted has been implicated in the death of Hunter S. Thompson (perhaps he was just playing shotgun golf). A true doctor of journalism (dammit) has left his life and gone on to bigger and better things. Or so one hopes. If not, screw him. He didn't stick around long enough for me to buy him a shot of Wild Turkey in a New Mexican whorehouse. His legacy will be left up to historians who will deem him a person of little significance to the world we live in, an exclamation point in the Novel of History. His task at dismantling the Nixon lies will be instead parlayed to some so called legitimate newsmen. LO! Today we have the bloggosphere perhaps the Doctor's real legacy. For those who would like to read the Doctor's most recent musings you can click here!
To the Thompson friends and family.


How fitting The Reaganesque president promotes democracy the same way with the same people. Oh yes and our soon to be Intelligence guy in chief, Negroponte is as clean as a whistle isn't he?

Tom Delay says NAY to helping other countries.

Brit Hume the yet to be reffered to as hack posing as a legitimate newsman has said somethings he shouldn't have of a post-humus FDR. So some folks are calling for his resignation. I thin kit is about time someone from the Proven (NOT So Called) Conservative media gets to feel the wrath of the fairness. I would love to see a Dan Rather moment on The Humidor's show.

The President is going on his "Egg on my Face" World Tour, begging other countries for forgiveness and help in the land that missiles built in the fertile crescent. He will probably come home empty handed, save for some belgium waffle mix.

Jonah Goldberg has once again proven he is shortsighted or just plain stupid. He fails to "get the point" about the whole Gannon/Guckert story and why it is inifnitely more significant than the Eason Jordan story. Perhaps he would like some help from Maureen Dowd, or Frank Rich, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert (don't forget to check out this nifty little clip as well), even Bill Maher with Sen. Joe Biden got the point. In short the point is: "The White House has ties to Gay Prostitution."

Sen Biden pointed out that we need to call the Head of the Judiciary Committee (Arlen Specter) to ask him to call a hearing about the "security breach" that is embodied (no pun intended) by Jeff Guckert Gannon James, whatever the "could have been a terrorist" guy's real name is.

In other news-related news, if you (like me) are not getting the point as to why Judy Miller and Matt Cooper might be going to jail whilst Bob Novak (and perhaps Jeff Gannon/Guckert) roams free, Daniel Engber tries to put a finger on it, though I thought his attempt was unsuccessful. I still don't get why people aren't all up in Bob Novak's face asking him what he thinks of this story. Amy Sullivan had a great piece on this recently as well.

Somehow I had marked this story about Bush and Syria as Flip Flop, though I have since forgotten why. Perhaps it is because he mentions using more diplomacy in Iran. Which may not be a flip flop but a mere change of attitudes. Nope!

Apparently there was some friend who taped Bush's convos.

I have visited The Gates in Central Park. It was a breathtaking experience yet not for the reasons I was hoping for. There must have been millions of jerseyites stomping the grounds of Central Park this weekend, I was one of them. The Gates have brought nothing but havok to the blades of grass in Central Park. Perhaps the 23 million could have been used for a better purpose or a cheaper version of this monstrosity.

My fellow "Indy-bloggers-against all things Bush" have a page dedicated to our posts. It is a great task that has been undertaken by one Dr. Laniak. Kudos to him and you readers would be poorer in your lives without visiting this page.

As for myself, I realize I have been sketchy, this can be attributed to a busy work week, severe stomach virus that had me heaveling far more violently than November 3rd, and of course downright apathy. I am back and feeling better and ready to take on the wingnuts once more.

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