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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Sphere... She is Round!

OK Folks,
I have been thinking about being a bit more structural with MIT. (This includes having my own achronym)

By means of structure I mean that I have been looking about and around and so far I have left my original structure here and started poposting more often which sometimes sacrifices not only originality but also quality in certain posts.

As a result I have been thinking of some regular segments. This way you guys who stop by a couple times a day will still have stuff to read, but those few who subscribe will not have their inbox dredged with emails.

Whatever the case I think it will help me as a writer and perhaps you as a reader.

So "The Sphere... She is Round" is the first to debut today.

This is the easiest for me since it will just serve as a collection of links to interesting stories around the blogosphere.

As I have said all along Airport Security IS a Joke

Atrios and others point out yet another Stupid Bushism.

The Liberal Media forgot to cover some stories that would interest Liberals.

Juan Cole has been debating Jonah Goldberg and it seems to have been put to rest by Cole's mighty pen.

The right hemisphere is screaming about a supposed quote by CNN exec Eason Jordan, which says that American troops were deliberately targeted and killed by journalists. This quote (notice I put it here without the marks) supposedly was made at the World Economic Summit. The problem is that IF Eason Jordan did say these words, there lacks any documentation of this quote although there is some video that is waiting to be doctored up delivered. IF he did not, the right hemisphere is still going to bury him like they did Dan Rather, as in Rathergate, they will ignore the substance of the allegations and instead whine about the proof.

Granted there are these stories about previous military mishaps and honest mistakes.

Without over focusing this first installment of "The Sphere ... She is Round," the only thing good about the World Economic Summit was that it was held in Portugal and we got to see Bono and Bill Clinton sitting next to each other.

IN other news, I have become a part of this blog compendium of ideas and things. While it began as a bunch of blogs strongly opposed to our new Attorney General being our our new AG, we have since aggreed that issue was a good one but with a short life.

However, it was the issue that galvanized us and so far it looks like for me I may be writting for a couple of other blogs including one Olliver Wills is putting together. This may be the big time for me ... (I doubt it) but just so you link watchers are wondering what the Indy500 blogs are. Well thats what it is. I will be posting a blogroll that reflects all these sites soon enough. So far there is Progressive Bloggers Union (I like that) and Realitybuzz. Which I am connected to though not yet active on.

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