Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Headline: Bush Approval Increases to 57%, Highest Rating in a Year

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Headline: Bush Approval Increases to 57%, Highest Rating in a Year

Bush Approval Increases to 57%, Highest Rating in a Year

Turns out I was right huh?

It was actually a 6 point bounce.

A new CNN/USA Today/Gallup survey shows that President George W. Bush's approval rating has increased to 57%, up from 51% three weeks ago. The approval increase appears to be related to the recent Iraqi elections, which the poll shows went better than most Americans expected. In general, the public is more positive now than it was before the elections about the way Bush has handled the situation in Iraq, as well as how the war is faring for the United States. At the same time, the poll shows little change in Bush's job approval rating on the economy or on Social Security.

The poll, conducted Feb. 4-6, shows that Bush's overall approval rating is the highest it has been in over a year. In fact, his approval rating has not exceeded 55% since a Jan. 9-11, 2004, poll, when 59% of Americans indicated their approval of the way Bush was handling the presidency. In the wake of the Democratic primaries and caucuses that followed, along with troubles in Iraq (such as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal), Bush's rating dropped as low as 46% (in May) and then fluctuated around 50% during the rest of the year.

I think the State of the Union Address had more to do with this than anything. Republicans were drunk with power that night, loving life, laughing and oogling Democrats.

There was an automatic response by Good Morning America to having the parents of the fallen soldier who were in attendance at the State of the Union.
The Iraqi woman who was there was also doing the rounds on morning evening and night shows.

It was nicely staged and executed.

Oh well lets see how this whole war-budget-social security-record deficit-mandate thing turns out after all.

Then we will let Gallup do another poll.