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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Evil Doers!

Genocide or not?

Genocide (noun): The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.

Be on the lookout folks. The UN after being pressured by Bush has not declared the crimes in Darfur genocide.

Basically, Bush pressured the UN into not declaring the genocide to protect Sudanese officials from having to appear in the International Criminal Court.

This is the same issue that arose in the campagn. Kerry was for the ICC Bush was against because he didn't think our countrymen (be they who they may) should be held accountable for war crimes at that venue.

While Bush has done a couple of things for Darfur, he is once again putting idealogy ahead of rule of law.

The rule of law is the question here.

Since it doesn't apply to our very own countrymen serving in our very own country and who have commited their own crimes (sound like any Attorney General nominee you know?), it shouldn't apply to the heads of state in Darfur?

I truly think this is going a bit far. 10,000 people are dying per month in Sudan. The killers are the janjaweed militia which is goernment sponsored. These are not CIA covert ops secrets they are in everyday newspapers.

What I can't believe is why the President is defending his stance on the ICC by defending the same types of people who have committed the same types of crimes that Saddam Hussein committed.

If we can call Saddam an evil man because he does bad things and happens to preside over a country we can easily occupy.

Why not have the ICC prosecute these evil doers?

Oh yeah, they aren't on that famous axis are they.

A cute take on this would be if the rightwingutosphere started getting on the UN's case for not defining this as genocide. Calling once again for the demise of the great international instituion that has indeed blemished itself with this one.

Shame on UN.