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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Self Evident Truths

The Saudi's voted today.

So it seems.

Look deeper into the article:

Only half of almost 1,200 councilmen nationwide will be elected. The rest will be appointed.

Ok so it's like a coroporation, the Saudi Royal Family still wants majority power.

Fair enough. How about turnout.

Only 149,000 of 600,000 eligible voters registered to vote.

Doesn't seem like much to me?! According to Wikipedia, the total population is 24,293,844.


I know, the 24,144,844 that remain to be eligible to vote must all be women:
Women were kept away, banned from either running in the elections or voting.

Free and Fair Elections, you say tomato I say Tomahto

By the way fans, check out Frontline's Saudi Arabia Special and learn about why Muslims really hate us.

hint: its not because of our freedoms.