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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Social Security: There Is No Crisis -

Social Security: There Is No Crisis -

Alright trusty readers, the blogosphere is using its electronic might to spread the truth about the fake Social Security crisis.

Check the link to

Granted this may not ammount to anything but if the blogosphere is what we think it is, the electrons will be too loud to ignore even for the fat cats in Washington.

Of course that all depends, I had a rough time watching Rahm Emanuel the new DCCC chairman on Meet The Press this weekend. He looked like a choking madman. Couldn't answer a question on Social Security if Russert handed it to him.

So my scepticizm of the dems continues. However, with so many bloggers writting letters to editors and posting to their readers and conglomerating in a nicely democratic fasion such as

Well its good enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy about it.

Old world activism meets new world technology.

Lovin it. check the site. write to you editors, and lets see if the dems and enough repubs stick together on this.

Lets give Bush at least one official loss.