Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: U.N. Proposes Doubling of Aid to Cut Poverty

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

U.N. Proposes Doubling of Aid to Cut Poverty

U.N. Proposes Doubling of Aid to Cut Poverty


Sounds preposterous doesn't it?

How the hell can we possibly afford to do that.

What the UN is proposing isn't bad at all. It is asking for every country to give 1/2 of 1 percent of National Incomes (which translates into double what it strives for now).

For the US it would actually mean that we would have to triple the amount of aid we give.?!@?@

However, in order to fullfill the UN's current ideal contributions we are already short by about 66%.

That is correct, the US actually gives only .15 of 1 percent in foreign aid. To president Bush's credit, he has already increased the amount of aid we give by 50% (it used to be .10 of 1%). This does not include military aid to allies. This only includes aid given to poor countries.

So what does this mean in numbers roughly 5 billion. Thats all we would have to pledge and we as a country would halve the worlds hungry poor and diseased by the year 2015.

Roughly about the time Social Security hits crisis mode.

Currently the US gives about 4 billion to Israel in military and monetary aid.

And they aren't dying of hunger, nor are they poor, nor do they have health crisis.

However, roughly 1 billion of the world's population or 1/5 is poor, hungry, or diseased.

Poverty is the worlds most expensive problem, it leads to increases in crime, health care spending, and basically brings out all the animalistic qualities of man including terrorism (Palestinians have over a 54% unemployment rate).

The best part of this is that for a relative pittance of what we spent on the whole Iraq war. We could have done our part in curing world hunger. For the whole ammount of what we have spent on Iraq we could have probably done the lions share in curing the worlds poverty.

Value voter's where are you?