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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Me ON Air America with Thom Hartmann!

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You can download the feed and fast forward to 2:26 (or listen to the whole show if you have 3 hours!).

He said I was from NY.

Topics discussed:

Similarities of the VA health care system and socialized medical system.

Long term safety in clinical trials, and regulatory negotiations between Pharmaceuticals and FDA.

And wether or not the actuaries in the Congressional Budget Office have taken job and population growth into account in their figures about how down the road Social Security going red.

Not bad I was on the line for about 5 minutes.

If you listen carefully you can hear cars honking as I waited for my lady at the train station.


By the way, I noticed there are lots of guest hosts on Air America recently. My thought is that either the old hosts really were in it just until the election (there were rumors of this and if you listened to Al Franken after the election he was constantly saying "we're still here") and now they are working to see if they can get new hosts to carry the torch.

Or are the old hosts just on vacation as they claim to be.

Either way, if you listen to Thom Hartmann he is way better than Randi Rhodes because he isn't as condescending and he will actually let his callers talk.

I once made it on the air with Randi Rhodes and I got about 10 words in before she got on another soap box. So I stopped trying.

Anyway give it a listen. I couldn't get my blog plugged. Ho hum.