Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: More on Rahm Emanuel - Josh Marshall, and Duh Dems and Da Doctah

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More on Rahm Emanuel - Josh Marshall, and Duh Dems and Da Doctah

Talking Points Memo Has a great piece on the shameful work that Rahm Emanuel did for the Democrats on Sunday's MTP.

Josh's major arguement is that the Democrats are not grasping that they are the party of opposition.

I say this past year is the only year they have been in recent memory. And since they lost the election it seems they are trying to frame themselves to be more like the Clintonistas by putting moderates like Rahm Emanuel on DCCC pulpits.

Josh's other crime is that he is supportive of the same type of people to run the DNC, namely Marty Frost.

How can the Democrats be the opposition party if they share the same donors, the same lobbyists, and basically want to move towards the center believing that the left lost the election for them.

So while Mr. Marshall goes on a huge soap box against Rahm, he later posts his re-institution of his belief that a moderate centrist, Bush loving Democrat should lead the DNC.

Yet everyone except the media (surprisingly enough) has been giving Howard Dean the thumbs down for the DNC chair. So far the conservatives are indeed pushing for a Frost DNC, stating Dean burned through all his money and went nuts.

Look, that's is what Prozac is for. As for burning through money, that wont be the DNC chair's job, they got the financial guys that do that. The DNC chair is the message maker on TV. If you were watching Terry McAulliff was like a human tape recorder just blah blah blahing the same old message all the time.

Same with Kerry.

Dean gets on Meet The Press and talks like a champ. Knows his facts, knows how to present them, and knows how to debate.

This is all over the blogosphere, Pandagon took down the Dean for DNC button citing some aweful excuse about baggage.

Lots of people in politics have baggage, last I heard some drunk driver from Texas stole an election and won the Presidency, he also got reelected.

Another guy from Arkansas was caught cheating on his wife lots of times both before and after he got re-elected president.

So the Dean scream was memorable, but if the Democrats don't grow some nuts, I tend to think that Social Security Privatization will be even more memorable.

Nader's time is a commin. Just let the Democrats keep rolling over.