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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

ACT on the Anti-Kerry Sinclairgate

OK FOLKS. How can I have a blog called media in trouble without having a post about the latest conservative hijacking of public airwaves since Rush Limbaugh got syndicated.

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Sinclair Media Group's top officers have thrown thousands of dollars at the Republican Campaign. They are going to air an anti-Kerry movie on PUBLIC airwaves. That is they ordered ALL their TV stations across the country (including swing states) to air a movie attacking Kerry on the Vietnam War.

I thought this thing was done but the republicans are at it again. For those of you who think "well Michael Moore put his movie out and nobody stopped him."

Well they tried he had to dump it from Miramax because Disney's republican's were against being associated with that. HOWEVER, the distinction is that you have to pay to see Michael Moore's movie. This is being BROADCAST over the PUBLIC airwaves.

OK this is something the gun people will love. THE GOVERNMENT IS RUNNING THE AIRWAVES and trying to skew public opinion of John Kerry by running this 45 minute smear commercial WITHOUT commercials.

That is a donation in itself. LOOK folks I have done all the work for you. You can go to the following link to sign a petition:

Click Here to ACT ON THIS!

Here is a letter I wrote (don't worry it's not copywriten, I won't sue you if you want to use it) to the FCC. I have also included links to the FCC folks email addresses. Please get on this people.

This is going to air without any type of rebuttal or equal time for an anti-Bush movie.

Dear Sirs and Madam:

It is with great dismay that I am writing this letter. I am appalled by the unfairness of the Sinclair Broadcast Group to air on all 62 stations an Anti-Kerry film as a "news event" next week. This can in no way be deemed a "news event" and should be removed from the airwaves in accordance with the Equal Time Law. I believe in the fundamental right to free speech and a free press however, the Equal Time Law states that it is indeed required to have both sides of the story.

Sinclair executives have shown support for the Bush campaign. Sinclair CEO David Smith contributed the legal limit of $2,000 Bush-Cheney 2004, and vice president Frederick Smith gave $175,000 to the Republican National Committee and maxed out his Bush-Cheney contribution.

Federal Election Committee records show that two other top level Sinclair executives gave the maximum amount they could to Bush-Cheney.
Sinclair executives have given nearly $68,000 in political contributions, 97 percent of it going to Republicans, since the beginning of the year, according to the Los Angeles Times.
I urge you to stop this partisan media organization from attempting to skew the electorate by not showing an equal anti-bush movie. However, better yet I believe it would be fairest to not show any political propaganda on free television for all to see.

Please do not allow this to happen.

I thank you in advance for your time in reading this complaint and possibly taking action on this complaint.


Here are the contacts for the FCC:

Chairman Michael K. Powell:
Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy:
Commissioner Michael J. Copps:
Commissioner Kevin J. Martin:
Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein:

You should also go to Media Matters For America (check the links section) to read more about this hijacking of our airwaves for propaganda.