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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Health Care ... Privatization

And furthermore...

I forgot to mention that Bush wants YOU to take control of your OWN healthcare money.

Ok people who think they are savy enough to do this. The government will let you save money in an account so that when the time comes you can have money in the bank to pay for your healthcare needs.

Sound good?

Why don't you ask yourselves how much money you have saved up. Now let me put forth that the average heart attack that requires some type of surgery costs well over $38,500 (fact check). If we know capitalism there isn't any legal cap that is gonna take care of that price. If anything that price is gonna go higher.

So do you have 38,500 dollars lying around?

I don't because I did what President Bush told me to do. I spent money to stimulate the economy. I have a nice blue MINI cooper S and I am saving up to buy a house. I wasn't thinking about healthcare until I switched jobs. Ski season is coming up and I hope to GOD I don't hit a tree before New Year's.

People can't save and spend at the same time in this economy. This reminds me of that scene in the movie "Raising Arizona" when the John Goodman and his brother are robbing the bank and they say "FREEZE, OK NOW EVERYBODY LIE DOWN ON THE GROUND!"

What these rich republicans aren't figuring out is that most of the people in this country are having a hard time keeping up with all their other expenses. NOT EVERYONE IS RICH WASHINGTON!

So while if Dick Cheney has a heart attack I am sure he can dig into his Halliburton savings account and pluck $38,500 from there if he has to, I mean he has had to about 4 times.

Listen people Privatization OF ANYTHING is only good for rich people. Middle and Lower class guess what, we have to save for our mortgage or for Christmas gifts for the kids.