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Friday, February 17, 2006

Your Democratic Party Part 2

Mother Jones has an update on the Paul Hackett broo haha. Kossacks have been mulling this over with arguments ranging from "Fuck the DSCC" to Hackett threw his own sabots into the campaign.

Personally, I don't buy any argument that Hackett did this to himself. If he saw Brown's bankroll and pissed himself, why would he take a dump on the party and say "they" did it to him?

Makes no sense. This guy is a tried and true progressive and he genuinely wanted to get to Washington. He isn't some stooge either. It's not like he thought, "I'll just shit on the party, and run later." No way dude. You don't shit on the party and get to run again, cuz they can shit on you.

So I think the party shat on him.

I think there are lots of reasons for this, both good and bad, but mostly it was a bad choice. Bad decision. The party is in shambles, the message is off, they can't be united on anything, and they are all scrambling like cockroaches in a recently lit room. This guy was their key to the base, their trophy boy. Their, "we love you lefties and bloggers so keep up the good work."

Plus, he could have been proof of the "we support the troops" idea that the Republicans keep pestering them on.

This Hackett boondoggle, like Bankruptcy, the SOTU laugh/yuck fest, the failed anti-Alito thing, and their constant shunning of the left creates one thing. Cynicism.

It does not creat votes, it throws a wrench into the machine. It dismays. It makes people like me say fuck it all, there really is no point and this really is only a game. A game of mighty powerful folks fucking with our tax dollars and fucking us all over.

I say fuck it. Let em loose. Let them fucking loose. Over and Over and Over again. Meanwhile, this is a dog eat dog world folks, poor people? Your fucked. Do the best with what you got to get out of your situation. People who got some good luck? Keep on keepin' on.

If you want to make change, donate to charities, or volunteer. These political games are simply fucked up idea festivals designed to squeeze money from the layman. Much like what the priest does on Sundays, except these fuckers want your money all the time.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Paul Hackett, sorry dude. You coulda, shoulda, woulda been a contender.