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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Joshua Sparling Hate Mail - Green Day?

Oh boy did my sitemeter go nutsoid with this post. Amazing what a trackback that starts out "Check the jingosphere..." can do for a blog and what lovely comments I got too.

Anyway, the intriguing part of this story was that somehow Brian Kilmeade in his Fox & Friends blog entry, hinted that Green Day was somehow associated with the story. No context except for a mention of Green Day in passing.

So being that this story has exploded all over the right wing blogosphere, with liberals, John Kerry, and democrats being blamed, I decided to write Mr. Kilmeade a letter. Here is the text:
Dear Mr. Kilmeade,
In reading your story on Mr. Sparling's terrible ordeal I noticed a mention of Green Day.

However, there was nothing explaining why Green Day was mentioned. What is Green Day (is this the famous anti-Bush punk rock band?), and what is their involvement in this terrible story? Also is there any indication as to who the "Solider Miguel" might be? Is this story being followed up? I would like to see who is responsible for sending our soldiers such vile and inhumane mail. As if they haven't suffered enough.

I look forward to your response.


There I don't find that offensive. Nor does it deliberately make me seem like a left wing lunatic looking to correct a Fox news problem. However, judging by the ammount of trackbacks Malkin and TBAAB got because of this story it is amazing how fast Liberals become the anti-troop people.

Hopefully, Brian will write back and clear up the whole Green Day issue. Otherwise, they may eventually be "Dixie Chicked" or something.