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Monday, December 05, 2005

Hey Rubes?!

You would think that after being on yesterday's Meet the Press this story about the 9/11 commission passing out "Fs" to all those in charge of making homeland security policy (i.e. the ruling Republican party), would be all over the internets.

A brief look at Memeorandum demonstrates that it is not exactly a hot topic in the blogosphere right now. Not to mention, Rice's European tongue lashings have gotten a bit more attention. This is what I don't get about the leftosphere.

Check the jingosphere. Today they are all about sending get well cards to Josh Sparling. Josh is a soldier who apparently got some hate mail from a kindergardner, it was all over Fox news and now the jingosphere is undoubtedly saying that it was liberal bagshits who sent this nastygram. For all we know it was a pissed off ex-girlfriend who forced her illegitimate child to write the card hoping for some alimony payment or something. I don't know and since Fox & Friends reported it, I doubt we will ever know, unless some other liberal media outlet picks up on it.

What's more, Fox & Friend's blog is somehow linking GreenDay (the band?!) to this whole thing. WIERD! I don't remember Billy Joe Armstrong comming out in support of sending wounded soldiers nasty hate mail.

Look folks, All I am saying is, GET WITH IT. Leftosphere, UNITE. The most respected commission ever formed surrounding a dreadful event that will plague elections for decades to come has just given a major thumbs down to the party in power for not doing what they have always promised they would do since that dreadful day 4 years ago.

Blogswarm that shit!