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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bushism of the week

From the Bushysburg address:
Some critics continue to assert that we have no plan in Iraq except to, “stay the course.” If by “stay the course,” they mean we will not allow the terrorists to break our will, they are right. If by “stay the course,” they mean we will not permit al Qaeda to turn Iraq into what Afghanistan was under the Taliban - a safe haven for terrorism and a launching pad for attacks on America - they are right, as well. If by “stay the course” they mean that we’re not learning from our experiences, or adjusting our tactics to meet the challenges on the ground, then they’re flat wrong.

The problem is that it isn't the critics hwo have asserted that you had no plan except to "stay the course" it was you Mr. President. YA DIPSHIT!

However, thanks for clearing up what we mean when we say that you say the plan is to "stay the course." It's really helpful, now get back to staying the course.