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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Big Tent Party

You may or may not remember Bob Novak getting upset over this, but Hester Jr. points out an interesting factoid regarding how the Republican Party treats their own members:
U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-Hamilton, banished as House Veterans' Affairs Committee chairman during a House Republican inquisition a year ago, isn't deterred. Smith wants to become chairman of the House International Relations Committee when its chairman retires next year.

Smith is the committee vice chairman and has competition from two others, but hopes time has vindicated his stint leading the veterans committee, one widely praised by veterans.

After all, Smith was dethroned for advocating a need for more veterans' care spending, notably for health care. Since that didn't fit in well with the Republican's mantra of cutting spending, even if they haven't actually cut spending, Smith was sent to his room without a chairmanship.

But, surprise, the Bush administration conceded over the summer that, yes, indeed, they needed more money for veterans' care. Somehow, that shortfall was just about exactly what Smith had said was needed.

"The budget controversy proved that we were right," Smith recently told The Hill newspaper. "That should count for something."

The "Big Tent Party" beats on its own clowns? Why do Republicans like Smith hang around their party? He worked hard for 10 years on the committee. Doesn't the Republican mantra automatically qualify Smith to reap the rewards for his hard work?

It is like that time when those rumors were flying about Dave Drier (R-CA) not getting the top spot in the House because he is gay. If true, how do gay people associate with the Republican party?

Why was Smith kicked off the committee? All he wanted to do was "support the troops." Alas, it must have been the spendthrift conservatives (like those now facing indictments and such) that kicked him off the committee.