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Thursday, December 15, 2005

HR 550 Stop muckraking and start signature gathering!

First off, if you haven't yet, sign the petition at Rush Holt's Page.

Second off, let me take yet another opportunity to lambaste the left wingosphere for doing a shitty job in getting together on an issue that all of us should be united on. I realize that for the most part the Rightwing-o-sphere is a top to bottom zombie message machine and the left is very much more like a herd of cats, meowing away at whatever tickles each blogger's fancy.

Take Joshua Sparling. In short, Fox News covered a soldier getting hate mail, Malkin puts up a post on it, and the entire jongosphere follows suit. Trackbacks gallore!

Meanwhile, amidst all this verified voting related news, that the left always seems to get behind, my buddy DBK can't seem to get more than 2,500 to sign a petition that Rush Holt has graciously asked us to help him with.

HR550 is a good bill. It addresses many issues but most importantly it forces random audits of all elections, and a voter verified paper trail to each and every vote. This resolves and would have resolved most of the issues brought up in Ohio 2004 and Florida 2000 and every other wierd ass election in between. More importantly, it has 150+ co-sponsors and is being held up by Republicans in committee.

Instead of the left swarming the shit out of this issue, you get more muckraking. Big bloggers who could easily blog this don't pick up on this. Big bloggers who are actively engaged in the issue don't pick up on this.

Its a gaddamned shame. Instead of raking muck, there is a real opportunity to make policy happen to fix all the muck you are raking.

The time for muckraking is over, or if it isn't then keep muckracking, but as you are muckraking, put a link to the frekin petition in every post, this way you rile up the folks, and give them an option to do something about it.

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