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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Sphere... She is Round!

Back from sunny Dominican Republic. For those of you who like all inclusive resorts I reccomend Melia Caribe' in Punta Cana. Luckily Tropical Depression Alpha (the first to be named on the alpha system... global warming must be a hoax) only affected my last night there, and even still I managed to be drinking some Cuba Libre' in the pool with some other nutty bastards whom I call friends. I am sure I will return to the DR, yet not so sure I will stay in an all inclusive next time. I'm a go-out-and-see-it kinda guy and all inclusives aren't really ammenable to that type of stuff. Either way, good time had by all.

WIth so much reading to do and some of my old posts being comment spammed, I figured it would be best to bring back the Sphere ... she is round, segment for something to put up since it has been a week. Amazingly, that last post about Clooney is still generating mad traffic. Another milestone today was the latest blogad (to the right) I won't tell you who the sponsor is but I will let you guess in comments. The proceeds should cover the yeast for my next batch of homebrew!!! Hopefully a Hoegaarden clone.

Luckily I haven't missed indictments in the Plame case. Though it seems according to Ms. Hamsher that this Cheney speculation may be a bit more than simple well... speculation. Pretty convincing arguement if you ask me. As they say, the plot thickens. Read more here and here. Also, Miller vs. Calame. It amazes me that Judy Miller still thinks she was doing the right thing. Someone shoot her high horse, please. Besides, if she gets fired, there is at least one news outfit that will take journalists who aren't journalists.

Look at the big brain on Brett (warning obscure movie reference)... or Alec or whatever Baldwin came up with this great catch. It is too bad that Senator's like Kay Bailey aren't required to take an oath before making public statements. Otherwise we would be sans Majority Leader as well as the Vice President.

The Carnival of NJ Bloggers which I had not participated in this week is laden with Jesus and religious stuff. If you fish around you will see an atheist like me trolling about. Otherwise Katespot did a good job. Hey it's not her fault people submit religious posts.

This Frontline should clear up any doubts in your mind about what the Fuck is going on with this country and their Torture policy. A policy which was written perhaps in part by Harriet Miers, and which President Ass for Brains doesn't want to release. Also on Miers, Atrios asks the question of the day... What Happened to Up or Down Vote?

Media Girl dumps on Kos because he managed to piss on liberals once more. I couldn't agree more.
Basic machinations of Politics haven't changed in millenia, what makes kos think that the internet and the minority of the polulation who reads his blog somehow make politics and history not repeat themselves. Kos is an arrogant son of a bitch if he thinks he has single-handedly (with the help of some blogging friends) taken the political landscape and made it into his wee obedient pet. FUCK YOU KOS.

RIP Rosa Parks.

Forrester and Corzine debated the night before I left. I thought it was the worse debate of the three. The moderators were silly aweful and let the candidates lie unchallenged. I know I heard Forrester lie at least once. One on the stem cell issue when he obfuscated and didn't oppose embryonic stem cells, even though he is opposed to them, he said "I am for stem cell research." But didn't mention that he is really for the comparatively useless adult stem cells. Matt has more on this. Also check Frogsdong's recap.

Alright kids, that ought to keep you busy for a while.

She is NOT FLAT!