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Monday, October 17, 2005

Charlie Rose: Clooney Challenges O'Reilly

Unfortunately, The Charlie Rose Show gets very little attention in the blogosphere. Perhaps it is the lack of transcripts. However, watching friday's show was rather excellent. For one, George Clooney blew me away, not just with his good looks either. He was stunningly Intellectual, superbly interesting, and damned smart too. The most interesting part however, was when Charlie brought up Bill O'Reilly. Now, I wont give it an unofficial transcript here, but Clooney said that he would debate O'Reilly anytime on Charlie Rose's show. Charlie said, are you sure? Clooney said, bring it on. Clooney also said he would debate him anytime except on O'Reilly's show, saying that he would never debate the man who owns the microphone. Fair enough. If Clooney is gonna do this, he wants a fair and balanced moderator.

So, Falafel Bill, ball is now irrefutably in your court. Will you debate Clooney on Charlie's show?

UPDATE! Misspellings fixed. And the hits just keep on comming... Vilkomen Kangaroos and American Politicos. Welcome Raw Story and SJIHBORers! Y'all come back now ya hear!