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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Letter to WNYC

Dear Listener Services,

The recent report by Bob Hennelly entitled "Candidates Question Each Other in NJ Gov Debate" I feel lacks the high quality typically displayed by WNYC reports. First, it is completely lacking in argueably the most interesting portions and issues debated by the candidates. More importantly, the issues that matter most to New Jersey voters were completely ignored by the article. Almost anyone following the New Jersey gubernatorial race would concede that property taxes and the state's budget are worth a bit more air time than wether or not the candidates have pandered to current or former political office holders.

The following paragraph is practically irrelevant to the race:
Democrat Jon Corzine probed his opponent on whether his prescription drug company ripped off its customers by pocketing rebates from pharmaceutical companies. Forrrester denied the charge and questioned Corzine's praise of Governor Jim McGreevey just before the former Governor's exit in disgrace. For the first time, Corzine conceded that McGreevey's tenure was a failure. But he said that his joint appearances with the former governor were the poltical eqiuvalant of Forrester's glad-handing President Bush or his top strategist Carl Rove.

While both candidates have been playing to each others political connections, and accusing each other of corruption, this is hardly an issue of substance in terms of policies that each candidate will espouse as governor. In a report on a debate that was chuck full of policy substance, I find highlighting political name calling irresponsible journalism.

Finally, the report culminates with an outright mischaracterization of truth in its final paragraph.
The debate did provide insights into what a Forrester or Corzine Governorship might be like. Both mulit-millionaires would forgo their $175,000 state salary should they get the job.

It was pretty obvious to anyone listening to the debate that Senator Corzine would forgo his potential salary, whereas Doug Forrester said he would accept the salary from the taxpayers and would then donate it to charity. While neither of the candidates would in fact keep their salary, only Corzine would leave the funds in the State of New Jersey's couffers.

I would like to see a correction to this effect at the very least, and more relevant reporting in future coverage of the New Jersey gubernatorial race.

Media In Trouble (My actual name was used in the actual letter)

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