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Monday, October 10, 2005

Nobel Economists

Lots of chatter about the left sphere about the Nobel Prizes going to 2 American economists today. Granted most commenting are economists. However, it strikes me that they haven't mentioned the other winners this year, a vast majority of which have been Americans. This is fantastic that with the age of the rebirth of Creationism in this country, the Swedes can still be objective and choose folks who actually have done some brilliant shit to change the planet we live on in superhuman ways.

It strikes me that today's announcement of the economists should hold a bit more weight than the others. For the Maestro is about to pass his baton. With so many Economic Nobel Laureates residing within these shores, it baffles why there should be so much damned speculation about who will be the next Greenspan.

While the right constanly defends this nation's education policies by the quantity of Nobel's on display in American trophy cases, I wonder if they will support any of the folks on the above list for argueablty the most economically powerful job on Earth?

I think it doubtful that we will get anyone from the pool Nobel prize winners. The right would hardly support anyone of intelligence for the job, unless of course, the candidate secretly takes the requisite oath to uphold and engender Reaganomics.

Nah... we'll just get another crony.