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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Miers for Justice?

OK, George Will is the latest to join the "Right Wingers Againt Miers" club (or RWAM one of these acronyms are gonna stick someday I just know it). I for one am conflicted. I just had my tin foil hat refitted and its snugger than ever on this one.

First, as Atrios pointed out the other day, it is only fair and right that the wingers are pissed. They wanted a real Winger, carrying a fetus in a jar to the confirmation pageant and slapping it right on the table for all to see whilest dodgeing non-questions from the Senate JC. They wanted this person to be something of a Judge who has been practicing this preaching like Owen, or Brown, or take your pick of people looking something like this:
Fearing the attacks from the "liberal media" that would surely ensue, once they dug up his record of previous statements, Democrat Reid was quick to back Miers. Other Democrats have been a bit more cautious. But OH the Wingers are salivating, spitting blood, even Patty Patty Buch Buch has flamed Harriet. Kristol has joined the pissfest as well.

So what do I think of all this. First on the surface I have to agree with the arguements that the Supreme Court is no place for cronies. The institution deserves more respect than that. I know nothing about Harriet Miers' philosophy, or her qualifications, and I suspect little will come out of her past. Though I wonder how so much can be dug up on a gay fake reporter and so little can be dug up on someone who has spent half their life in public life, I digress.

I think it is safe to assume she is a winger. Anyone who thinks this president to be "the most brilliant person she has ever met", can safely be painted a winger. She may not be the fetal jar carrying type, but she's a winger. She may not be a judge and I don't know or care about that, it bothers me she is not married or a mother. That sounds like a cold person lacking compasion and the basics sense of what it is to love another person. Her endearing business qualities scare me as well, for corporations have more than enough rights and they certainly don't need someone else on the highest court to help them further their ways.

More importantly are the politics of this decision. What do we on the left do from here? Where do we go? If we let the wingers have their way, it is likely that they can gather the muster to defeat their own dear leader and convince enough Repugnicans to vote Miers down. Is this a good thing? Frankly, I think the wingers have received enough victories within the last 5 years. They could practically fly to heaven with all the feathers they have accumulated on their caps. If it weren't for the sheer importance of the Supreme Court I would say fight them on this for the simple reason of stopping another victory for the right. However, if they win said battle, the president will be forced to put a REAL WINGER on the court.

This is scary. In which case the right's victory becomes a double whammy victory. Leaving the left to shout and the Democrats to split and let a real winger on the court.

This is real brain chess here and it seems as if the left is just holding its guns to see what the outcome is. When the left has opinions on just about anything, it is scary to hear crickets. This is THE political chess move of the second Bush term. Roberts was a really good move, but his intelligence probably dwarfs that of Miers, she cannot possibly handle herself the same intelligent way he did, spitting case sitations like a programmer for Lexus Nexis or West Law. Roberts got by because folks figured they had another chance comming, and this guy was so damned smart no Senator of average (or below average0 intelligence could have possibly beat him at cerebral joust. Roberts may be the anti-christ in disguise, but he impressed even me with his legal obfuscations.

The major difference this time is which wingers are berating the president's choice. Last time you could barely find anyone that wasn't on the fence. This time you have real important wingers like Kristol and Frum and lots of others, pissing flames over Harriet. That is scary, that tells me that unless Karl Rove spends the next few weeks calling all his buddies reassuring them that Harriet is one of them, they may get a movement together and shoot Miers down faster than a Canadian Quacker in October.

Which would unleash the real winger waiting in the wings.

This, I fear, should force the left into supporting Miers as much as possible. Or at the very least abstain from the discussion altogether. This is about the path we are on right now. While supporting the President sounds icky at best, it may be the only way to save the SCOTUS from the Winger's grasp.

Though later on down the line, should Harriet Miers become the anti-christ. We will all look back on our words and say "pass the barbecue sauce."

Since I don't like to eat words, I'll wait for some facts to come out.