Media in Trouble: All the news thats UNfit to print!: Hampton Inn Racist?

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hampton Inn Racist?

Form American Morning Miles O' Brien:
Among the many stories out here this morning -- there are thousands of them and they are often tales of woe -- are people who are Katrina evacuees.

Ron Breaux is among them.

He's from New Orleans originally, began his day in Houston.


M. O'BRIEN: Well, a couple of days ago, wherever it was.

Where are you headed and what is your plan, Ron?

BREAUX: Well, actually, we decided that we was going to stay here, you know? Because I have two small kids and my oldest son with me, along with my wife. The thing is, is that we paid up for a hotel room, right? And now they're telling us that we have to leave the hotel because they had already made plans for someone else to have the room. And I didn't figure that would be right because I thought it may be first come first served. And also considering that I'm from New Orleans and I've been through so much, you know?

We really don't know where we're going, where we're headed. We don't -- we really don't know where we are right now.

M. O'BRIEN: All right, so what hotel is kicking you and your kids out?

BREAUX: The Hampton Inn.

M. O'BRIEN: The Hampton Inn has told you, you have to leave?

BREAUX: We have to leave. We have the money to pay them and everything, you know, thanks to the American Red Cross. We saved that, you know, donations that people had given us while we was in Houston. You know, we saved that in case something like this was to happen. And now we're prepared to pay them but they won't take our money and we'll have to move on.

But me and my wife, we've been traveling up and down the road all day, you know, trying to find some help. And apparently now we're low on gas, so even if we do have to get cut out, we don't have any gas to go anywhere now.

M. O'BRIEN: I suggest you drive back and get your kids right now.

BREAUX: Yes, that's what I'm going to do.

M. O'BRIEN: Because there's not -- there's not gas to be had. That's probably the safest place for you, Ron. You tell them you're not moving.

BREAUX: I'm not moving.

M. O'BRIEN: All right.

BREAUX: All right, thank you.

M. O'BRIEN: All right, Ron Breaux, good luck.

BREAUX: Thank you.

M. O'BRIEN: I wish you well.

Ron Breaux, who had to -- excuse me, I'll shake your hand there. I wish you well.

Ron Breaux, who had to evacuate New Orleans from Katrina is now in the middle of this mess in Houston. I think the best advice was that, go back to the hotel and be with your kids -- Soledad.

Ron Breaux is an African American. The Hampton Inn is kicking out a black man and his family that is willing to pay just as much as someone else for a room they already inhabit. Mind you this is a Katrina evacuee who has scraped up the money that he has gotten from the American Red Cross which gives him just enough to hang tight through Rita in a Hotel Room. Ron Breaux, yet another example of how Houston is "working out well" for him and his family.