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Friday, August 05, 2005

Prince of Darkness Forced to Sit in The Corner

Bob Novak said Bullshit on live CNN TV! Another Glorious occurence in the media. This was I think just before they were about to ask him about the Plame CIA leak case. You see Novakula (as Atrios has called him) went aflame during a typical Carville Novak screaming match, the topic was Katherine Harris's silly ass make-up story (Katherine maybe its the media, Maybe its Mabeline). The insane part is that we got a glimpse into just how scripted these scream TV shows are. Ed Henry (yesterday's host of Inside Politics) said that he told Novak he was gonna ask him about the leak case.

Look. Novak just wrote a column about the leak case, breaking his long term silence on the issue. Matt Cooper has said it is perfectly legal to discuss your testimony to the Grand Jury. So Novak (if he has nothing to hide) should not be worrying or pissing himself off if people want to ask him about it. indeed he enjoyed years of non-challenges from all his appearances on CNN. On Inside Politics, Judy Woodruff would ask him about the pulse of Washington, then Bob would scoot over to Crossfire where him Paul Begala and James Carville would have at it. Then later on Friday's he would get together for non-debates with the Capital Gang. CNN has canceled Crossfire, and The Capital Gang, and if they loose Inside Politics with their "let's look at computer screens to see what blogs are saying segment" it wouldn't be that much of a loss. They could always fill the time with missing white women or SPace Shuttle coverage so exhuastive, they probably forced NASA to do an extra Space Walk to fix something that Miles O'OBrien thought was amiss.

Now that Novak has gotten suspended for his "bullshit" perhaps he should take the hint. If CNN wont fire you outright (as they should), you should probably quit before you get fired up (about a book?) about being taken to task for committing a crime by your fellow journlaists, leading you to curse on Live TV.