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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Frist Non Grata for Second Justice Sunday

Not just a clever headline. It happens to be true. This is a glorious day. It seems Frist's recent bold stance for science has no place among the scienceless folks we call wingnuts. We may be godless libruls, but they are scienceless idiots. When Frist flip-flopped on stem cells last week it showed he was first a man of science then a man of wingnuttery. A good way to order your priorities if you ask me. Frist take science's side. Alas if it weren't for science, Terri Schiavo would have been dead long before the wingnuts had a chance to try and keep her alive for longer than she had wished to stay alive.

In the case of stem cells, Frist now realizes that just because something hasn't proven useful just yet, doesn't mean that it will never prove useful. Even Jeebus had to change water to wine before anybody believed his ass. Now how many experimental wine-to-water turnings must Jeebus have practiced before the big water-to-wine trick actually worked?

So where does Frist's presidential and political boundaries lie now? It is hard to say, Republicans have bitch slapped the right wing christians before and all that happened was a close shave with Pat Robertson almost being their candidate. Of course the same year we almost had Pat Buchannan too! After that, we had to wait all the way through the blow job infested presidency of Bubba to get the wingnuts back into the political battlefield. Then we got W. Now it seems the country just ain't too happy with having a Jeebus freak in the White House no more. Particularly one that lubs Jeebus, but sends our armies to die and kill Gods children in Iraq.

Is it possible to pull out a nomination in the Republican party without the Crazy Christian Poltical Foot Soldiers handing out bibles featuring "Frist for Prez" on the cover? I don't know. Is it possible to bitch slap the Krazy Kristian Kookoos with the stem cell issue, yet win a perhaps larger contingency of sane republicans?

Is there such a contingency in the republican party? Lots of questions, and I guess we wont know the answers until sometime next year?

One last question. How will Frist keep busy August 14th, being that Justice Sunday is being held in his home state of Tennessee? I bet they won't even let him hand out fliers at the door! I hope he choses to make the Sunday TV rounds so that everybody can ask him how he feels to not be invited to the best sequel since Jaws!

UPDATE! Welcome Daouians! Y'all come back now ya hear!